Brand Brief | Design Strategy

An attire defines a personality, sets class and makes a person look good. Imagine going to a party in your pajamas. That doesn ’t sound right, right? The exact same thing happens when we don’t give a proper thought to create an identity or per se an attire for a product.
Chetak was such a product which was needed to get an attire of a brand, and Pure Creations came to the rescue. When the client came to us for promotional purposes, we saw that the product was in the pajamas and wanted to enter into a party. So, we made the client understand that how important it is to get the product a proper and logical attire to attain what is desired.
He was convinced with the explanation and accepted that he never thought of it like that. After getting affirmation to go ahead, we created a new logo that symbolizes strength. The color combination was to make the product look presentable in the party.
We also created some stationary for the brand and made it acquire a new avatar i.e. a new look in a designer packaging.

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