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Project Brief

Everyone and everything starts at some point and before that, it never existed but with a hope and desire to exist forever. Decor Waves an interior decoration company is such a startup. A bunch of fresh graduates formed a company to decorate homes in order to achieve their dreams.

Client's Vision

They wanted us to create a brand identity for them. They had the name and the idea behind it was clear. The brief was to create a logo that resembles the name of the company in a way that it is relatable to Indian tradition.

Design Strategy

It was confirmed to us that we are going to use ‘D’ from Decor and fuse it with the waves but to give it a traditional feel, we had to think a lot. Ultimately, we came up with ‘Kalash’. As we know that in Indian culture the Kalash is used as the symbol of auspiciousness. Also, before starting anything new, we Indians tend to do some prayers and rituals using the Kalash. And most importantly, when we enter into a new house the Kalash is used there as well. So, considering its value in Indian tradition we moved forward to fuse it with ‘D’ and ‘Waves’.
We considered the culture factor for the color palette as well. The orange shades are prominently used in the rituals so it fit perfectly with the logo.

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