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A newborn baby doesn’t understand his future, his potential or the personality he is going to acquire. He only understands his needs to survive. Similarly, when a newly created product arrives in the competitive market it only looks for sustainability. Pure Creations got the opportunity to handle such a product.


When the client came to Pure Creations with his product, a new packaged drinking water. He only had a need to brand and launch it in a way that it gets noticed among the giants of the industry. Pure Creations, on the other hand,saw the potential of the product, not only to get noticed but to stand out.


Hence, the strategy started from the very basic need of a newly formed product i.e. naming it. The client’s idea was to keep it close to the Indian-ness, the tradition which resembles purity. After juicing out the creativity with our team for many hours, we came up with the name ‘Avani’, which means the Earth.
The thought behind the name was that we get the purest form of drinking water from the Earth itself. The client loved it and we moved forward to give this product an identity.
As our whole brand strategy was based on purity, the brand identity has this need to look authentic and feel pure. The identity had to connect with the nature and its resources.


We thought that what can be purer than a drop of water if we are branding a packaged drinking water. So, we decided to go with a drop as the logo. But it was not final because we wanted to tribute the nature as well so we put a drop inside a drop symbolizing that we get one drop from the other, which justified the name AVANI as it is the Earth from where we get water after all.
This fluid thinking only helped us in choosing the colors for the logo. Green suggested the Earth and blue is water. After that, we went on to give the font and the logo certain dynamics because neither the Earth nor the water is stationary by its nature.
Finally, we chose the tagline which was obvious but equally effective because of our focused thought process. Our whole idea was to get the user to ‘taste the purity ’.


After all this work, we still had one goal to achieve and that was to make our product stand out amongst the big players already in the field. We wanted the product to look different and catch the eye of the customer walking in a shop. So, we ditched the traditional design of a packaged drinking water bottle and created our own. With long, gradually steeping neck, a small parallel portion at the bottom and almost round base we tried to give the bottle the look of a drop as close as we could. It took some hectic hours of 3D designing as well to finalize the shape of the bottle. But once we finished, it was all worth it!.


The client was amazed and satisfied with our work as he didn’t expect his product to come out like this.
He felt that we turned his desires into reality.