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Radio Mantra

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When a renowned brand comes to you, your responsibility increases. As it is not the same as creating a new identity but maintaining the pre-achieved reputation of that brand. Pure Creations experienced the same when the popular FM radio channel Radio Mantra came. One of the many mentionable works we did for them was an outdoor and digital media campaign for its magnum opus character Babber Sher. The brief was to create an urge among the regular listeners to wait for the upcoming Babber Sher event and generate curiosity among the non-listeners. The purpose was simple, to bring in as many listeners to Radio Mantra.


Another successful campaign we did for them was ‘Mantra Di Lohri’. This campaign was pretty interesting for us to do. We were briefed to create a promotional campaign around the time of the Lohri Festival. This campaign was Radio Mantra’s ace game against its competitors, as it offered listeners to call Radio Mantra to their locality and celebrate it with Mantra’s team. We created a special artwork to give the campaign authenticity and purity with bright colors of festivity. The campaign ran outdoors and on social media as well which brought hundreds of new listeners to Radio Mantra as it made them feel that Mantra is like a family.

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We also did an awareness campaign on Gandhi Jayanti for Radio Mantra, which appealed to the public to walk on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi at least for a day. To pay tribute to the contributions and struggles of Mahatma Gandhi for the freedom of India, Radio Mantra asked people to use Charkha for 24 hours. We religiously put our efforts into making this campaign a success. The content went outdoors, in print, and on social media posting as well.