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Uniwhite is a Delhi-based company dealing in wall care products like Putty, P.O.P, and Paints to give your walls a fashionable and shiny look. The firm is manufacturing and supplying its products at its world-class manufacturing unit in Rajasthan and Delhi. Uniwhite has been associated with us for the longest time and we have come along together with a great amount of trust and understanding of their business. We both started our journeys of success together, when we had just put our feet on the market they were also planning to launch their products. Their admiration and belief in our ability, skills, and knowledge in advertising made them choose us as their perfect permanent creative agency.

The work displayed here is from their re-branding done recently.

New Goals, New Identity

A few months ago, with the addition of paints in their catalog, the company decided to rebrand themselves completely, as they wanted to achieve a new, fresh look. We were called to consult and discuss finding a route that could fit in between the established and the new channel to be received well by their customers. The plan was to keep the logo very simple, meaningful & creative, and very importantly connected with the firm’s identity that it should say more in less. As per the plan, we worked on multiple designs and came up with a beautiful design that gave the client absolute satisfaction. We won the main battle and moved further with a lot of motivation.

Your attire says it all

Attractive Redesigning Packaging was the next big challenge. We had the advantage of a very creative logo that made our work easier. Beautiful patterns developed from the logo and opened up a new spectrum of exploring but in a particular direction. The whole theme was developed according to it for the complete product range. The final result that appeared in front of us was magnificent and appealing.

The online upgrade

After doing the rebranding it was time to replace the existing website with a new design that could be more fit to the new and trendy digital environment. It was also a tough task as the previous design had its own beauty of elements that could highlight the firm very well which we only did. So, we followed the basics and tried to match the design with the theme. Good smooth animations gave the designs a really nice look.