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How to Write a Tagline or Slogan?

Do you remember, “Rishte me to hum tumhare baap lagte hai”, or “Jaa simran, ja jeele apni zindagi”, or “I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”? A Tagline is simply a dialogue about what kind of character and personality your brand has. Tagline represents your whole brand single-handedly in the eyes of your audience. It should be likable, memorable, and related to the brand. A tagline is associated with the business entity and is not meant to change, though they sometimes evolve with the brand.

Describe Yourself

You must describe who you are and what you do in an exact manner that can reflect so many things at once. A tagline not only works as a supportive tool for your brand, but it displays your positioning, idea, approach, plan, and your (Brand’s) goals. You can always research your words and put many things together that would make sense to present your idea.

Tell your story

What is your brand’s story that influences your target audiences? Does it connect with the people you are serving? A compelling tagline needs an emotional hook directly related to the brand’s benefit. Even if it isn’t a specific benefit statement, a slogan should stir an emotion that communicates a benefit without explicitly stating it. You’ll want to see what resonates, how people comeback, and if there are any unexpected associations people make.


Your tagline must connect with the brand’s purpose. What are you offering, and how are your products and services helping your audiences? It should not divert from its primary goal, which is to make people want to know you more. Be clear, not clever. Start building a tagline with the purpose of your site. Your original brand purpose identifies your why, how, and what for your business, attracting more customers and building brand loyalty.

Be specific

You should be specific in what you say and transparent in your communication. You should be conveying a clear message to your audience. Clarity is often lost when humans try too hard to be clever. Aim for the utmost clarity in conceptualizing a tagline for your business or product. Your target audience should know what you’re offering once they read your tagline. Vague words and phrases can make it difficult for your people to find you.

Short and Memorable

An ideal tagline should be under five words. The shorter it is, the more memorable it will be, and you should pick crystal clear words. If your business name is long, keep your tagline even shorter. Do not just go with the flow but also research the terms you can arrange to make it more effective. Do not rush to deliver it early. The best content is generated with lots of thought and revisions, so take your time.

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