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Jindal Water Infrastructure Limited (JWIL) is a water management company incorporated in 2006. Since 2018, the company has been on a phenomenal growth journey by bagging some of the most prestigious projects of clean water supply in rural parts of India. Their projects are in Drinking Water, Irrigation, Wastewater and Industrial Effluent Treatment for esteemed clients. JWIL approached us almost a year ago to design their corporate presentation which was successfully done with a lot of praiseful words in response.


Being in the industrial business, they were not associated with any permanent creative agency before that. After a meeting again for some other projects, discussion on the ideas for the brand visibility and the importance of social media presence, forced them to take us on a two months trial for LinkedIn management. Those two months were very crucial for us so we simply did what we had been doing for other brands too. Managing the page rigorously for this period with the team’s hard work, gave them around 1500 organic followers and a lot of engagement on the page. It required us to do a lot of homework due to their wide perspective of work and responsibility to carry the reputation of the brand. This success the social media initials and our approach towards the brand won us a whole year’s contract for their social media.


Impressed with our work and quality progress of their social media, the client gradually involved us with more of their branding activities like the quarterly newsletters, brochures, posters, corporate profiles, calendars, project manuals, etc. By this time we were through the mindset of the brand and how efficiently and impressively we can covey its meaning and values among the people. The brand is well connected to the roots of this country and providing solutions to the basic poosible source for humans to survive. As amazed with our deliverables, JWIl tie knot of trust with us as their creative partner.


Core values are an integral part of any organization because it helps the company work on their ethics and keep the intentions clear about how to grow and develop. As a part of the motivational exercise, they launched new core values during the lockdown. We were asked to make social media creatives, launch videos, posters, wall posters, table standees, access cards, business cards and danglers to have these values come to light and stand recognizable by all. The overall campaign was done successfully with great engagements and the client applauded us with a big gesture.

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