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Trimurti Wall Care Products Pvt Ltd is a manufacturing company of wall care products like; Wall Putty, POP, Tile Adhesive, Joining Mortar, etc. It holds its headquarters in Delhi in Delhi and factories in Bikaner & Alwar, Rajasthan.

Trimurti approached us almost a year ago for complete Branding and Designing Services. After going through and brainstorming about the brand, Pure Creations first recommended changing or redesigning the company logo, which was not up to the mark. But the challenges were yet to come. We were given a long list of restrictions with the design; as they didn't want to risk changing the entire look due to the established image in the market, colors and font of type had to be the same. But there was no design language or theme and style involved in the previous design, so we decided to give a meaningful sense to the logo.


The Approach was to stay in terms with the brief given to us, which limited our options. So the new logo was an evolution of the previous one in terms of its look but in a symbolic way that was more sophisticated and elegant. Adding a tagline, “Sundara ki pehchan,” made it more appealing and complete to be presented as a top-notch brand. Like protocols, we created a manual guideline for the dos and don’ts of the design that should be appropriately used for further requirements.


Moving forward from establishing the identity, we had to take up the first task, which was to redesign all the packaging of the products. A logo might be an essential asset for the brand, but the packaging plays an essential role in reflecting the voice and explaining the brand’s image and position. Our primary goal was to make it look more decent and attractive without losing authenticity and recognition as before. The brand has to give away a new look and feel but should not have changed entirely from what it was and speak the same for which our designers did a great job.

While going into the launching of the new products we had an opportunity to leave the trace of the Trimurti’s behavior yet step into a different side and change the perspective of the viewer. Our experiments succeeded with some playful and bold designs to attire those packaging in a new fashion.


After the practical completion of packaging and the gratifying feedback from the market, the next task we gave was to create the Best Product Catalogue Designing. Product catalog designing. Now, where the packaging could have been differently attainable for several kinds of products, the catalog has to be fitting all of them in with ease and beauty. We wanted to achieve a long-lasting impression through our design that should be attractive enough to be recognized and remembered among the clients and its customers. We believe the catalog holds most of the customers. After a fruitful stage of exploring 8 to 10 design ideas, we finally achieved a perfect design that was appreciated a lot by the client.


Gaining a massive response above the expectation after completing the essential brand identity, we have been engaged in creating several branding collaterals for Trimurti. It is a continuous process of a long relationship that we have. Let alone the social media, we have been providing heartwarming creatives and designs for branding and promotion that is required from time to time which we would like to present here.


By going into a consistent partnership of creative passion and 1.5 years of collaboration, we have built a better brand image out of Trimurti. With our focused Approach and sincere response, Trimurti has gained a massive jump in brand positioning in the market. We do not forget their reach in the masses and business expansion to several cities. However, many underdeveloped productive ideas are yet to come, matching the brand’s current growth we cherish.