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Muna Beauty

Muna Beauty

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Muna Beauty Cosmetics, a USA based company is a chemical-free, all-natural brand, to make your skin glow forever. It offers products, tested and blended with the virtues of nature and modern science. It is dedicated to making safe-to-use products with scientifically proven formulas that cater to all skin types. Their well-researched team is working towards offering you the right products for your skin to solve any types of skin care concerns. It enables you to discover just the right product that your skin needs.


Going down the road with a few more projects for Muna Beauty we finally had to work on their website which earlier had its own flaws that could have been changed to a trending format and give it a futuristic approach. We worked on making a hassle-free interface and adding information and making the website more dynamic in terms of easy access to the customers.

Connecting Personally Through Ad Films

To grow more in branding you require showcasing your products through different mediums and audio-visual has always been to date the most popular and effective medium. This was one of the biggest tasks that were put onto us and we passed it with flying colors. We created 30 secs. Ad films for 15 Muna Beauty products so far that run internationally. Due to some urgency, this all happened on very short notice but we were up for the task and our team worked hard to manage the task by scripting, shooting, and editing with a perfect VO needed according to the audience in the United States. We completed this whole project in no time and met the deadline with lots of constraints.