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Importance of content/copy in social media advertising

Communication among humankind can be done in several ways. Art, drawings, Music, that come together to explore emotions of oneself and let it go to the masses. The most significant discovery of humankind has been done in words that form a language and it went to the basic form of communication that is easily understood by everyone. When we talk about modern society, due to technological advancement, there is a great possibility to even understand the language of some regions that you might never have heard. The world is big yet the world today is so small due to the advancement of communication technology that we can reach out to anyone and many at once. Words really have that power to make an impact on someone because it is proven by scientific ways that words when you read them to make an impression in your brain. In today’s world where social media has hit all the corners, you have the power to make your message reach out to the world and a good copy can help you extend it more. Here are a few reasons that tell why content/copy is important for social media advertising.

Provides Information

Copy/content is a very basic and brilliant medium to provide the required information rather than getting into complex ways of doing it like dancing around in “Kathakali” and hoping people to understand that. Words can make it really easy and clear even in different languages of the region that you can help relate your brand to the right audience you want to target. Social media is so provisional in terms of several languages concluding to one. The technology has really developed for different kinds of people living in one vacuum speaking different language yet can understand because of the technological features. For example, Instagram has several users that come from several countries and write their own language yet there is a translating way that you can understand it or maybe can put it in that language.

Influence the audience

The copy can not only be used to explain and or inform but it can make you think with much deeper thought that can provoke or influence the audience. A great headline or just two words can make you think and impact like anything. For example” Black Lives Matters” as we know is a bigger cause and has been happening for a long time but the power of social media has taken these three words worldwide and helped it delivering power to more people. Good copy can attract your audience for real and gain their interest and increase curiosity.

Makes good SEO

In digital words, you can get most even if you are good without a fine-tuned SEO that is related to your brand and helps you get noticed and found so that it can reach an audience. SEO is a highly recommended instrument in the digital world and even with little hashtags, you can jump up your game. In the fast traveling scenario of communication, a single word can hit out so easily that you never had believed to get popular.

Give direction to the visual

You might use several forms of communication but even from all the forms of communication, things cannot be understood as might have reasons to put up. A good copy can give meaning and the right direction to your visuals to have interpreted well enough to understand what you really want your audience to understand. Now if we ask a question about why words in form of copy or content are important for advertising of brand on social media, we might need to understand one thing that your vision can be seen with different meanings in different parts or maybe not understood at all if it’s too complex but words can always simplify it to provide right meaning.

Explores emotional instincts

Most of the brands have different voices and usability among the customer. But there is one thing that is frequently different yet common for every brand is the emotion it delivers with its products. For example, a motorcycle brand delivers adrenaline as emotion, a baby product delivers care, a bank delivers trust as its emotion and education deliver the motion of dreams. Now to express these emotions in the most effective way is possible by the right choice of words that can hit the nerves of your audience. The reason behind it is that words are the most useful communication in the real world and the audience connects with it fast.

Using the right copy will always have pros to connect on social media. It had the power to make a difference and it always will have that no matter what. Social media is a great way to put up your brand into the right hands and words chosen right can help your brand go ahead and reach new heights.

Vivek Mehta

Senior Copy Writer, Pure Creations

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