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Moonwalker is one smart child of Planet clothing, trending stylish menz fashion. They are streaming new codes in the market for young boys especially to wear comfortable and new designing clothes that are comfortable that makes you charming enough to give a boost in the confidence of taking the world down on your will. The company has its office in Tirupur with its head office in New Delhi. Moonwalker is a premium brand in India dealing in menz wear. After gaining trust in the market, the company is presently supplying in several parts of the country like Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Odisha, Delhi NCR, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, UP & Punjab.


As its name impersonated with the first flight to space, Moonwalker is a breed of believers and doers that shall walk the length and breadth of their dreams. Those who have the courage to risk it all for the passion they seek, doing what they do. Those who walk the road that leads to a new and unique experience. This is what we have focused on for the brand with its clothing line to present such comfort and authenticity in our design that leads to the high potential market of fashion.


The Autumn-Winter collection for Moonwalker is full of eye-catching clothing designs that we photographed in adventure and playful and diverse themes for the young generation. It reflects the idea of our youth being self-dependent and enjoying living every little nuisance of their lives. It also talks about how in today’s diverse environment of modern living the youth is adapting the work and play culture hand in hand that is visible with the diverse clothing range of Moonwalker.


“The Fashion Nomads” is a Moonwalker’s fashion film for Autumn Winter 2019 collection. Moonwalker has an extensive range of men’s wear which believes in those who rise and shine to glory by fighting for their dreams. With the film, we have connected fashion as the mind-set of the youth around us making their life more adventurous than just living it. This is why how Moonwalker is suitable for such outdoor adventures when we talk about comfort and the premium quality of their product. The ‘fashion nomads’ is about the free souls and thinkers which the brand prompts in their style.


‘Fuelling Adventure’ In is an autumn winter 19 look book of the Moonwalker for its retailers and other distributors. The fashion style of that look book is inspired by adventure and connects the Moonwalker clothing design with the same. It is to find yourself in nature by letting your fashion talk about it loud and clear. The comfortable, warm and cold bearing range of Moonwalker is what we have established in the look book which doesn’t let you compromise with your style and take off the season in fashion.


With an eye on the emerging and high volume Indian market, Moonwalker was willing to present its new iconic designs of “Spring-Summer 19 collection” and “Autumn winter 19” collection later to be presented among the retailing business in India. Pure Creations engaged in providing a creative solution for overall branding with 360-degree mediums, to the Moonwalker. In a long term relationship with the brand till now, we have designed and delivered print ads for newspaper & magazine, catalogs, posters, hoardings, in-store branding, etc. that have helped the brand reaching out to the masses. We have always focused on creating the brand image and position according to its engagement with the target audience and its characteristics, like sharp, comfort, cool, raw, and rough. Our every design has been focused on the same for the brand which has gained a greater result in connecting the product with the people.


Moonwalker wanted to hit the Indian market with a large audience and come out of the parents company, Planet Clothing which hails under Armstrong Knitting Mills. They had the summer collection planned for the upcoming year and which they wanted to give a new look in terms of presentation and detailing. Moonwalker started with its office in Tirupur and supplied its products in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal only for the time we haven’t met. Our work has supported the brand to lead themselves into different cities and states of India with the great expansion in a short time. The brand has a growing number of retailers, distributors and has already set up a new head office in New Delhi for a future approach in North India.

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